Studying abroad is often expensive and could discourage one from pursuing their study abroad dreams. My advice to such students’ is don’t let the cost hinder you from reaching your goals because there are tons of scholarships to take advantage of. Financial aid may not cover all school fees and living expenses, but it will go a long way in helping to cut down on expenses.

Getting a scholarship is not as simple as just applying for them, they require hard work, patience, and follow-up. To get a good scholarship, you have to work hard on your application and prove to the providers that you are a worthy candidate. Always remember that scholarships are very competitive, and many others are hoping to get financial assistance with their education as you are. With this in mind, you have to put in the best application.

Here are 4 confirmed ways to get a scholarship abroad:


Search and scrub the internet to find a suitable scholarship applicable to you. It cannot be overemphasized enough, but you need to put in a good amount of time searching for a scholarship. The official website of the schools you want to apply to should be your starting point, check for any available scholarship that applies to you. Next, go on to check companies or organizations’ websites affiliated with your school for an available scholarship. If you can get in contact with any official from the school you are applying to, it would be a plus because you could find out early if there is an opening for a scholarship.


Don’t be frugal with scholarship applications, you are allowed to apply to as many as possible. It increases your chances of landing one and imagine how amazing it would be if you could get more than one. The process of applying for a scholarship is similar to applying for a job, the more you apply, the higher your chances of receiving a response from a company. The same applies to a scholarship application. While applying for scholarships, you should resist the temptation of using a generic application and copying and pasting across all your scholarship applications. Customize your application following the values or focus of the scholarship. Believe me, these providers read applications and they can tell when little or effort was put into the process.


When something stands out, it is difficult to ignore it. The same goes for your application, if you make your application stand out, you are sure to get the attention of the scholarship providers. It could be cumbersome but remember that hard work yields success and it will be worthwhile. You might feel the need to rush through applications, especially if you are applying to many. You should treat scholarship applications just as seriously as the applications that got you accepted into your university. Read and follow the directions for scholarships and leave yourself enough time to complete all of your applications without feeling like you’re under a pressing deadline. You will more likely turn out better-quality work if you do not feel rushed, and better-quality work means a better chance at getting that scholarship.


It doesn’t apply to all scholarships but many of these scholarship providers want to know that they are funding someone serious and willing to expand his/her academic horizon. You must put in work and get good grades before your study abroad to better increase your chance of bagging a study abroad scholarship. Remember, better quality increases your chances. Remember that the scholarship process is highly competitive and scholarship providers are keen on awarding them to the most deserving applicants.

If after all these, you failed to secure a scholarship, do not get so bogged down that you forget the real reason for pursuing a study abroad program. Immerse yourself in the incredible life-changing experience of living in a different world, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, new beliefs as well as the adventures that accompany it.

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