Last month we commenced our staff spotlight series to ensure our increasing community gets to know the faces behind Trav4College and how we are poised to solve key issues around the College Travel Market.

We had a sit-down session with Oluwafemi Anthony (who loves to be addressed as Dr. Oluwafemi) to get more insights into his personality, interests, and work-life.

A: My name is Oluwafemi Anthony. I’m your favorite digital doctor. I came into the digital space as a blogger for and over the years, I evolved fully into Digital Communications & Marketing. …

Are you passionate about tech and education?

Are you creative, motivated and would love to create communities in your respective states of deployment?


Trav4College is an EdTech platform that simplifies the College Application Process for students in Africa & Emerging Markets.

Becoming a TRAV4COLLEGE AMBASSADOR is a great way to start off a long-term career.

To apply, send your resume to

Deadline: May 31st, 2021.


COMPANY PROFILE: — Trav4College is an educational travel technology platform for African students that simplifies the college application process. The company is disrupting the college travel market in Africa with cutting-edge technology. With the Trav4College platform, prospective students applying to colleges and universities both within and outside Africa can manage reminders, track multiple applications to higher institutions, and perform other tasks all from our app and web platforms.

JOB TITLE: — Educational Consultants

JOB LOCATION: — Lagos, Nigeria


  • The process involves counseling the students for overseas education; follow-up with the student, solving the student queries, and handling…

Studying abroad is often expensive and could discourage one from pursuing their study abroad dreams. My advice to such students’ is don’t let the cost hinder you from reaching your goals because there are tons of scholarships to take advantage of. Financial aid may not cover all school fees and living expenses, but it will go a long way in helping to cut down on expenses.

Getting a scholarship is not as simple as just applying for them, they require hard work, patience, and follow-up. To get a good scholarship, you have to work hard on your application and prove…

In a bid to democratize the college application process and ensure our increasing community of key stakeholders know those behind their beloved brand “Trav4College” and how we are poised to solve key issues.

We decided to catch up with Chuks Amadi. A digital analyst who recently joined our digital marketing team.

Q. Chuks, can you tell us about yourself?

A. Hello there!

My name is Chuks Amadi, I am an analyst with our digital marketing team. So after I rounded up with the compulsory national youth service corps, I acquired IT skills in digital marketing, data analysis and E-commerce. …

In our bid to showcase the humans of Trav4College we will be launching our weekly staff spotlight series. This is to show our commitment to democratizing the college application process and ensure our increasing community of key stakeholders know those behind their beloved brand “Trav4College” and how we are poised to solve key issues.

In a sit-down interview with one of our recent graduate intern hires for the digital marketing team we will be interviewing Adebayo who joined us as an analyst for our digital marketing team.

Q. Tell us about yourself

A. Hi there,

My name is Adebayo Ogunleye-Johnson…


Trav4College is an Educational Technology platform that simplifies College Application Process in Africa and Emerging Markets

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