Meet Adetola! Our New Customer Care Representative at Trav4College

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Our staff spotlight edition continues and this is to show our commitment to democratizing the college application process and ensure our increasing community of key stakeholders knows those behind their beloved brand “Trav4College” and how our dedicated team is positioned to solve key issues surrounding the study abroad domain.

In a sit-down interview with one of our recent hires for the customer service team, we will be interviewing “Adetola Olaleye” who joined us as a “Customer Service Rep”.

Q. Tell us about yourself

ANS: My name is Adetola Olaleye, a graduate of English language from the University of Ibadan. I used to work as an Etiquette consultant and that has really helped in shaping my social graces and interpersonal relationship.

Q. How did you find out about Trav4College and why Trav4College?

ANS: A concerned friend of mine shared with me the link to apply for a vacant position at the time. Trav4college works on helping the Nigerian youth’s dream of studying internationally come to pass seamlessly, and being in an environment like that helps motivate you to achieve this dream.

Q. What is your job responsibility?

ANS: I work with the customer service team to ensure college-bound students have all the required information to make their study plans work out easily.

Q. What’s your take on the corporate culture

ANS: Well, the corporate culture appears to be amazing as all that is required of dressing is to be smart and not strictly a particular pattern of dressing. Staff relationship also seems amazing as everyone is willing to help you learn and grow to be a better team member. The amazing qualities of the work environment cannot be overemphasized, everything required for a smooth working experience is at our disposal.

Q. What are your Interests?

ANS: Hmmmmmm, deciding my interest has become so hard for me that nothing really crosses my mind when I get questions like this, sigh… Weird right? Don’t worry I am working on getting better. I would not like to leave you without giving an actual answer though. I think my go-to any day would be movies, TV shows to be specific because I appreciate longevity and commitment to things.

Thank You.



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