Meet Chuks! Our new Business Operations Manager.

2 min readAug 17, 2022

On this episode of our employee spotlight, we had a sit-down section with Chuks Okwuokei who joined us as an Operations Manager, we will be enlightened more on why he joined Trav4College, his vision and lots more.

Q. Tell us about yourself

Hello! My name is Chuks, I’m an experienced, motivated Business Operations professional and team builder with extensive knowledge of Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing, Business strategy; Revenue Growth Management; HR & Project Management.

I am continuously building a career in a global and corporate environment with the platform of contributing my abilities to the overall growth of the organization in a challenging and fast-paced work environment with opportunities for professional and personal growth, where customer satisfaction is a prime target and hard work is rewarded.

Q. How did you find out about Trav4College and why Trav4College?

Found out about trav4college through LinkedIn and choose it because of the international global outlook.

Q. Your job responsibility?

As a Business Operations Manager, I oversee the organization’s activities and coordinate the essential functions required to manage the workflow and achieve goals. This primarily includes overseeing employees, implementing communications procedures between departments, and developing strategic initiatives to improve efficiency throughout the business.

Q. What is your take on the corporate culture?

Trav4college is dedicated to helping customers get excellent customer service delivery and solutions. For that reason, our corporate culture revolves around creating a positive, flexible environment for our employees that helps them exude optimism to our clients. To help our employees, we are flexible with working from home and provide a supportive work environment that gives them breaks, vacations, and sick leave to keep up employee morale. The reward system, management of emotional intelligence, and value placed on staff are great.

Q. Interests

I love puzzles and competition. I love and enjoy figuring out different ways to solve some consistent problems. In chess, I am particularly impressed with how players must be able to somewhat successfully predict the outcome of a game before it is completed. I apply this skill in my work when planning out and creating and supervising business processes and outcomes.

I try to find fresh ways to solve the problem of reaching our target audience and understand that the competition in our industry makes us all better because we are constantly changing. I think that keeping the mind sharp through problem-solving and critical thinking offered in games and other strategy-focused puzzles makes me a better creator and leader for my team

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