Trav4College Blog — Meet Adebayo! Our New Digital Analyst

In our bid to showcase the humans of Trav4College we will be launching our weekly staff spotlight series. This is to show our commitment to democratizing the college application process and ensure our increasing community of key stakeholders know those behind their beloved brand “Trav4College” and how we are poised to solve key issues.

In a sit-down interview with one of our recent graduate intern hires for the digital marketing team we will be interviewing Adebayo who joined us as an analyst for our digital marketing team.

Q. Tell us about yourself

A. Hi there,

My name is Adebayo Ogunleye-Johnson, an analyst with our digital marketing team. I graduated top of my Marketing class June, 2020 from the prestigious Babcock University and I joined the Trav4College team January, 2021 and I have been instrumental to the growth of our digital strategy and implementation (ha! ha!)

Q. How did you find out about Trav4College and why Trav4College?

A. Ha! Ha! My girlfriend found out about the company and mentioned it to me. I did a quick research on what the company does and I was really excited with the implementation of tech in what the company does and we decided I should apply for the graduate intern role.

Q. Your job responsibility

A. So as an analyst for Trav4College my responsibility is centered on data, data, and more data. Gathering data and analysing it in a way that will help my team and senior management make better decisions, that pretty sums it up.

Q. What’s your take on the corporate culture

A. The corporate culture is a big deal for me and with the flexibility at Trav4College such as work from home option, dressing smart and not necessarily the typical suit and tie, the corporate values and the support system from other staff members amidst other amazing things I’d say the corporate culture is a good one which allows the employees thrive at their respective jobs.

Q. Interests

A. I am a lifelong fan of Arsenal football club and likewise I support Cristiano Ronaldo (the greatest to ever play football). Musically, I am a big fan of Ayodeji Balogun Ibrahim (StarBoy/Wizkid) as I can easily relate with his sound coming from a similar background. I enjoy social gatherings as well as this helps to build my social network and likewise travelling and reading useful informational materials.

We can’t wait to showcase our next Staff Spotlight… Stay tuned

Trav4College is an Educational Technology platform that simplifies College Application Process in Africa and Emerging Markets

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