Trav4College Blog — Meet Chuks! Our Digital Analyst

In a bid to democratize the college application process and ensure our increasing community of key stakeholders know those behind their beloved brand “Trav4College” and how we are poised to solve key issues.

We decided to catch up with Chuks Amadi. A digital analyst who recently joined our digital marketing team.

Q. Chuks, can you tell us about yourself?

A. Hello there!

My name is Chuks Amadi, I am an analyst with our digital marketing team. So after I rounded up with the compulsory national youth service corps, I acquired IT skills in digital marketing, data analysis and E-commerce. I joined the Trav4College digital team in January 2021 and I’ve been very committed with the combined team effort in achieving team and organizational goal.

Q. Your job responsibilities?

A. My role as an analyst is a bit diverse but to sum it up in a nut shell, It basically entails the use of data both old and in real time to make better decisions that will overall, bring smiles to the faces of our esteemed prospective users.

Q. How do you balance your work and personal life?

A. LOL. I think it’s very important to know how to balance work and personal life. For me, I prioritize my working time using task management strategies. When I’m not busy working, I spend my personal time doing some physical work out, play some music or see a movie, I also spend some time writing song lyrics when I have to. All these helps me function properly and keep a balanced work and personal life.

Q. What’s your take on the corporate culture?

A. I must say this aspect is so important in every given organization because it can have an influence on the work flow thereof. At such, with Trav4college’s use of technology which eases work efficiency, remote working, positive energy and good vibe shown at work from the top management to other staff members. the synergy is great! which in the long run helps one to improve individually and as well as a corporate organization for me, is a win-win situation.

Q. Interests?

A. I have special interest for music, I listen to genres like Afro beat, Afro fusion, hip hop & rap, Trap and even high life LOL depends on my mood. My other interests are football, Lionel Messi is my all time favourite athlete so I’m obviously a Barcelona fan. I’m fascinated by the use of technology to automate and solve things in smarter ways. I also have a thing for Astronomy, I’m fantasized by the celestial bodies in our universe like the stars, planets, galaxies and other forms of matter and energy in space.

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