Trav4College Blog — Meet Feyisayo, Our New Educational Consultant at Trav4College

We welcome you to the new year.

Our staff spotlight edition continues and this is to show our commitment to democratizing the college application process and ensure our increasing community of key stakeholders knows those behind their beloved brand “Trav4College” and how our dedicated team is positioned to solve key issues.

In a sit-down interview with one of our recent hires for the consulting team, we will be interviewing Feyisayo Adasofunjo who joined us as an “Educational Consultant”.

Q. Tell us about yourself

A. My name is Aduraseyi Feyisayo Adasofunjo. A graduate of the University of Pune (India) with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I currently work as an educational consultant at Trav4college.

Q. How did you find out about Trav4College and why Trav4College?

A. I found out about the job opportunity via Linkedin and I was super excited to apply after checking the company’s website to learn more about the service offerings. Having a keen interest in solving people’s challenges I was most excited to apply to Trav4College because the role will give me an opportunity to help people.

Q. Your job responsibility

A. I work as an educational consultant, and my key responsibility includes contacting prospective students who are interested in studying abroad by giving them guidance on how to proceed to their study destination. Once the student is excited about the study destination of choice then I proceed to get their required documents while ensuring their dreams of traveling abroad become a reality.

Q. What’s your take on the corporate culture

A.The ideal place for me is one where people support and encourage each other. Trav4college is a place where we work as a team and feedback flows freely in all directions.

Q. Interests

A. Watching Movies and Work

Thank You.



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